Diving Bell & Butterfly

Jean-Do's space

One of the themes we picked up on in class is Jean-Do's ability or inability to make space and place in the ways that those he is in relationship to are able. It becomes easy to see him as an inactive presence, someone who does not participate in making space and place, but one who is acted upon.

In what ways is it possible to see Jean-Do as someone who does actively participate in the making of space and place?


Here are keywords and questions to think about while watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:

  1. Keywords: space, the body. What device do the film maker use to give viewers a sense of Jean-Do's space, his relations to others? The article by Craig uses the phrase "locked in" to describe Jean-Do's space. What does this imply about the relationship between mind and body?
  2. Keywords: space, the body. What is the difference between Jean-Do's material space and his mental space? How do the film makers signify these differences? What are the capabilities of his imagined and remembered body? In what ways is his mental space similar to that of the digital space in The Matrix, the shared dream space of Inception, and the space of memory in Eternal Sunshine?
  3. Keywords: place, space, the body. What role does place play in how Jean-Do is cared for by others? How are his relations with others different in his material space as compared to his mental space? How are these spaces in relationship to each other? How do the film makers signify those connections?